Thursday, 18 July 2013

Preparing for a "Good Death"

Well we were to do a group project for Christian Theology class. We were to have a presentation on how to prepare church members/ Christians/ congregation for a "Good Death". 

In our group discussion we realized that we never actually gave any thought to death before. We got hold of a Church calendar and scanned through it only to find it was full with activities. Before we realized we too were planning activities for our "Death Seminar":   
  • Writing ones will - what goes to who after life ends
  • Lying in a casket
  • Making peace with self and others
  • Making peace with God
  • How one wants their funeral to be, songs to be sung etc…

We realized that if we talked about death throughout our church calendar Christian message will be depressing. So we decided to switch things a bit. We thought to look at the opposite and define a “Good Life” - to get a good perspective on "Good Death".

A good life to me is like a good marriage. In marriage you have a husband and a wife. In life you have God and a mortal (human). In marriage the husband and wife are united by a third cord – God. In life God and mortal are reconciled by Christ. 

In marriage the couple may face challenges and hard times, riches and poverty, sickness and good health but they make it through rough times till death do them apart – that’s a good marriage. 

In life it is the mortal who faces challenges and disappointments, plenty and none, love and rejection but throughout life’s struggles God is by the mortal’s side – never to leave or to forsake through death and beyond– that’s a good life – a great life indeed.

So we concluded that if one wants to have a good death, he or she needs to have a closer walk with God revealed in Christ and enjoy a good life. Christ did not promise a life with bed of roses. But he did say that he will never leave or forsake (Deu 31:6)

Therefore a Good Death = Good Life. 

This should be our motivation to prepare our congregation for a good death - life with Christ, for a good life with Christ will lead to a good death in Christ. And Christ offers a whole good deal not just for life on earth but eternity. Of course writing ones will and what they want for their funeral and etc… will make life easier for the family and friends they leave behind - they wont live to see the arrangements anyway. 

Well, so if Good Death = Good Life. My question to you is this, "Is your life Good"? Well you know that whatever you do you will never match up. And you know that because you have tried it all. Haven't you?  We can try to be morally be good but when we face God, our good works don't count. The Bible says, we have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory (Romans 3:23). God our creator is Holy. The only way we can face God is by being reconciled to him through his son Jesus Christ. The Bible says for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). Since Jesus has already paid the penalty, the price of our sins and given us all a new beginning, why not accept him in our life and invite him to live in our heart? Why not let him be our Lord and Saviour? 

Jesus not only died but rose again after 3 days of being buried in a tomb. He resurrected. He defeated death If you are in Christ and Christ has defeated death do you have to be afraid of death? NO, you don't.

Since Jesus has already paid the penalty, the price of our sins and given us all a new beginning, why not accept him in our life and invite him to live in our heart? Why not let him be our Lord and Saviour?

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  1. Amen. Great sharing. Indeed, a good death culminates a good life lived with Christ on earth, and it marks the beginning of part 2 of our eternal life in Christ. An intermission for earthly grief and yet, a heavenly celebration. I guess, to prepare for a good death would also mean to prepare for a heavenly celebration.